Coventry to be a main Hub for a New Form of Cricket !


Last Man Stands is cricket’s equivalent of five-a-side football (although LMS is actually eight-a-side).

It’s a game aimed at those who haven’t played for a while, but are looking to get back into cricket on a casual basis. It’s also open to club cricketers, or complete beginners.

The matches are only two hours long and everything is done at breakneck speed. Innings are limited to 20 overs. Because there are only eight players on each team, it doesn’t really matter how good or bad you or your opposition are as everyone will play a role.

The matches are played on normal cricket pitches with all the usual gear, although players do get to wear brightly-coloured shirts. To speed up proceedings, the fielding side bowls ten overs straight from one end before switching for the final ten.

If you’re really lucky you could even find yourself winning the game single-handedly, as the last man standing (hence the name) bats by themselves when the 7th wicket falls. To truly win in style, sixes off the last ball of an innings count for double.

The format is basic and hugely popular. LMS is an international game, with over 50 000 players worldwide and over 35 leagues in England alone.

Across Warwickshire, Coventry will be the main hub for LMS games in 2013, with games being played at different venues, such as Coventry University’s Westwood Heath and at Copeswood Social Club.

Registration is open for teams this year at

Any team can enter into the World Championships, which will be held in London where teams from all over the world will compete for the £10 000 prize!

Anymore interested or wanting to know more, can email the League Manager, Matt Abbott on, for more information.

Matt Abbott

07846 510139