Direct Pest: Coventry, can we help you?

Direct Pest: Coventry, can we help you?

Direct Pest control is working in your area now and we want to help. While we do work in all areas of pest control we have two specialities; pigeon protection for solar panels and getting mice and rats out of your property or shop! We are market leaders in solar panel protection and currently work for most of the large maintenance companies in the UK. Additionally, the latest in infrared technology allows us to clear mice and rats at an unprecedented rate, good news for all shop owners we’re sure! To learn more visit our website or call us on 08000886392 or simply carry on reading!

How we use Thermography ?

When we come round and tell you where those pesky rodents are hiding, we are looking at thermograms which are effectively images of infrared radiation, colour coded with visible light so that we can see the patterns. You may think to yourself that that sounds easy but you’d be surprised! Our specially trained thermographers (for more of their work see must deal with a lot of elements before we can even start telling you what the problem is. The most complicated element is emissivity. Emissivity is the reciprocal reflectance of an object, which, put simply, means that the higher the emissivity, the less IR radiation that object reflects and so the truer the values presented on the thermal imaging camera. When there is a low emissivity the object appears hotter than it is as it not only shows the emission of IR radiation but the reflection too and so these objects appear to be much hotter than they really are. Therefore, it’s best to call out an expert like us!

Rodents making you squeak with rage?

Rodents in shops are a huge cause for concern and can lead to your shop being closed for health and safety reasons. By using thermal imaging cameras we can cut the time it takes to assess the damage and, by proxy, cut the time needed to solve the issue. Believe it or not, there will definitely be mice living and nesting on you shelves, even if your outbreak does not seem too bad. We have unfortunately learnt this from experience! These are the mice that traditional pest controllers leave undiscovered which causes huge problems as the mice that are left will reproduce and spread back through the entirety of the shop. With our cameras we can spot these nests and clear them out without any escapees! Furthermore, if you have mice or rats using your walls as escape routes or even for nesting, we can see this too and can use our special mesh to prevent any further activity. By being able to act on this quickly, you are much more likely to see the end of your rodent problem in a time period of two days as opposed to the traditional time period of a minimum of two weeks. This cuts the number of hours needed for a pest controller to be there, cuts the amount of product used to stop the rodents, cuts the amount of overtime you need to pay your staff and additionally cuts the likelihood of being shut down by health inspectors! I’m sure you’ll agree that it is a win-win all round (except for the rodents that is)!

Pigeons under your panels?

At Direct Pest we understand that amongst the vast amount of pests people face daily, a necessary aspect is bird control. Not only is the mess they create unsightly, it can cause health and safety risks to the general public as well as being hazardous to walk ways. Due to this reason, we have successfully carved out a niche in the sector of removal and the prevention of pigeons as well as other birds within the solar panel industry. The consequences of not solving this issue can have a huge effect on panel performance which ultimately creates a reduction in the investment. Meaning our services are imperative to ensure a steady and constant output from panel usage, both in residential and commercial properties.

How we work ?

We use only the best products enabling us to provide a 5 year guarantee for any work that is carried out. We will never need to drill into a panel meaning a warranty will always stay intact, as we clip a galvanised mesh around the panels preventing any damage and return of the birds. We use a system called Easi Dec and a variety of ladders which is an extremely efficient method of eliminating the need to leave scaffolding in place for long periods of time. Time spend on each property is minimal yet our Customer Service Standard is at an excellent level due to the training we insist upon for all Direct employees.

Why us?

Any and all staff within Direct Pest understand the value of a customer’s happiness as our beliefs tie in with our mission statement. We know that a customer’s satisfaction should be at the forefront of any interaction. This view has been proven time and time again due to the amazing feedback we continuously receive and the word of mouth advertising byproduct has lead to a fantastic opinion of our company. We guarantee exceptional results on every job we do.

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