Foot loose with happy feet!

The holiday season hasn’t quite started but I’m sure people are looking forwards to it !
I always found June to be rather an odd month in which you have to get everything done so you can go on holiday but the weather usually improves and you get that sense of itchy feet.So we can help with that!

Our therapist Faye offers a therapeutic pedicure which will get your hippopotatrotters into shape for the holidays, and we are bringing on board Michelle Heyes who is a foot health practitioner for those truly horrible problems with fungal infections or hard skin. Males and females catered for.

My mom always used to say, if your feet hurt it showed in your face, and I’m quite sure that she was right. So come to the Centre in June and treat your feet ! £25 per treatment.

If your feet are fine but maybe they are sore, we can offer a foot and lower leg massage. Arnica salve is really good for muscle soreness, and Faye and Chris both offer that massage for £25.

Finally, we do offer treatment of the whole body through the feet. This is known as reflexology and Faye and Tallulah can offer that. Sessions are £35.

Faye is in on Wednesday mornings and Saturday mornings.
Michelle will be in on Wednesday afternoons from the 15th June.
Chris’s sessions are Tuesdays and Thursday mornings.

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The Amethyst Centre

88 Walsgrave Road
Tel: 024 7644 0186

Where can you get a Therapeutic SPA experience in Coventry ?

Mistik Spa offers a complete therapeutic spa experience through our range of products. Due to our commitment to customers and the environment, our products are free from the harsh chemicals that are too often used in the cosmetics industry.

Mistik Spa creates the products that your body deserves. We have a range of therapeutic massaging and moisturising oil candles, made using certified natural, vegan ingredients such as almond oil, cocoa butter and soy oil. We also use 100% natural essential oils that come with untold health benefits for both the body and mind.

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We also have our own range of body care products that are made from loofah, bamboo, sisal and cotton so there’s something for every customer. They are gentle on the skin but also environmentally friendly. Likewise, our highly absorbent bamboo towels are especially eco-friendly and are capable of absorbing up to four times more water than a regular cotton towel. Our triple milled soaps from Turkey are 100% natural, making them perfect for the skin.

All of our products are individually packaged and beautifully presented with all relevant health information, imparting the unique benefits of what we do.

Mistik Spa has only just launched but already we have received great feedback from buyers all around the world and interest from several major department stores.

If you would like to find out more, email us at: or alternatively you can visit our website:

Follow us on Twitter at @mistikspas  & Like us on FaceBook too.