Stratford upon Avon’s most haunted building!

Tudor World museum sits in the dead centre of Stratford upon Avon and continues its long history of celebrating Halloween (one of the longest running in Stratford) with lots of activities for young and old alike. Yet it has long been known as a haunted building and much favoured by the local covens, well before the cult TV programme Most Haunted investigated the building and Derek Acorah become possessed by one of the spirits or even before author Terry Deary described it as “the most haunted house in England” on the Horrible Histories guide to Stratford. Sightings of ghosts and weird happenings have been seen recorded throughout the centuries, right up to the present day: including a little girl from the 16th century and a serial killer from the 18th century within the ancient building.

This year’s celebrations are therefore sure to be as ‘active’ and fun as ever! During the day the Halloween Quiz for children includes a brilliant black witch’s hat and at night a family friendly ghost tour for children with Mr G Buster and spooky tours for the adults through the building’s labyrinth of shadowy hallways, all by the lantern light of the Barber Surgeons. On All Hallows Eve itself braver members of the public can even be involved in a real séance and call out “is there anybody there?”

Are you brave enough to visit this famously haunted building at 40 Sheep Street, Stratford upon Avon, over the Halloween?


Saturday 22nd to Monday 31st October from 10.30am a Halloween Quiz will be available for the children and includes a free witch’s hat on completion (subject to availability).

Saturday 29th October the family friendly ghost tour takes place at 5.30-6.00pm @ £13.50 for two adults and two children.  Places are limited and sold out early last year!

Saturday 29th October and Monday 31st October Ghost tours with the Barber Surgeons at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm @ £7.50 per adult (free badge for those dressed in costume!)

Monday 31st October the Seance Experience will occur, where members of the public can be involved in real séance (over 18s only) at 10pm until midnight @ £20pp, including light refreshments.

For more information visit: www.tudorworld.com or ring 01789 298070 for further info, to book or for interviews.


On All Hallow’s Eve, when the veil between this world and the next is said to be the thinnest, Tudor World in Stratford upon Avon, will be conducting a Halloween Seance. The Seance Experience will start at 10pm and end around the ‘witching hour’.

The evening will consist of various experiments and ‘calling out’ to the spirit. The evening ends with a gathering in the dedicated Seance Room. Once in the Seance Room, the room will be plunged into darkness and the participants will hold hands and ask spirits to appear! For the really brave, there is a ‘spirit cabinet’ for anyone who wants a ‘lone vigil’. The evening is a serious affair and nothing is faked, any ‘activity’ will be real.

Tudor World, once known as the Falstaff Experience has a long tradition of ghostly sightings and appearing on such shows as Most Haunted and in Terry Deary’s Horrible History book, in which he described the property as ‘The Most Haunted House in England’. The historic building, parts of which date back to the 12th century is said to have many resident spirits– from 1000 year old spirit who walk around wearing a hooded cloak and had red eyes, to an 18th century serial killer to a little serving girl from the 16th century and even the troops from the Civil War are said to march through near the time of the Battle of Edgehill in October 1642.

Over Halloween Tudor World will also be having a quiz, which includes an amazing witch’s hat prize for every child during the day, as well as spooky ghost tours at night.

For further info, contact Janet or John Ford on 01789 298070 or visit www.tudorworld.com.