It’s time to get sharing again !

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As young children we are always encouraged to share our things but now us grown ups can be sharers too! Matt Dredger has developed an innovative way to connect people and get them sharing.

Borroclub is an online platform that allows the public to load up items they are willing to let others to borrow.  They can earn money from this and in turn borrowers can save money.  Matt came up with the idea for Borroclub as he was trying to clear out his garage one day, but couldn’t move for the ladders, tools, roof box and other costly items that were blocking his path.  When he thought about how many times he had actually used each thing he could count it up on just the one hand.

“I was reluctant to get rid of my things as they had cost so much in the first place and might be needed again in the future but I also thought it was quite wasteful.  I was sure that I wasn’t alone in doing this.

The beauty of sharing is that people can try out a product before deciding to invest in it themselves.  Camping is a classic example, where a lot of kit is needed but could be an expensive outlay if your first trip ends up as your last trip.  Or avoid costly purchases altogether by just borrowing an item for the short time that you need it, be it for a DIY job, holiday or even a party,” enthuses Matt.

People have recently borrowed a candy floss machine (great for kids parties or PTA events!) car trailers, and bicycle.

It’s a really simple process you can post your items at no cost and you simply state how much you want per day for your item and a reasonable security deposit value and that’s it.  When somebody wants to borrow the item the borrower pays your fees and small fee to Borroclub and Borroclub holds onto those funds until the item has been returned, only once the owner confirms safe return Borroclub then pays the owner of the item their money and refunds the security deposit.

And best of all it’s tax free due to a recent announcement in the latest budget.

So if you have something sitting around in your home, don’t delay get it on Borroclub and you could be earning some extra cash.  Alternatively if you want something and don’t have it, then take a look at and borro it…don’t buy it!

It’s a great idea and importantly it helps our planet by reducing waste by reducing the need to manufacture a new item.

Contact:        Matt Dredger
Position:       Owner
Tel No:          0800 689 0695
Twitter:           @borroclub